Like Ommwriter for PC, but with more options


  • Customize sound and background
  • Saves in .RTF and .TXT
  • Removes distractions


  • The default sound is strange
  • Cannot format text


CreaWriter is a full-screen text editor designed to provide an Ommwriter-like alternative for PC users. It's especially intended for writers and authors, or anybody who needs 100% concentration when writing.

CreaWriter is very simple - it only opens in full screen, and the program options only appear when you mouseover the border around the writing area. There aren't many options, but what there are can be accessed under Cfg.

CreaWriter lets you customize the background you see when writing, add ambient music and make the app more or less transparent. When writing, you'll be able to choose from 3 different text sizes and fonts, but that's pretty much it. Also helpful are CreaWriter's automated save function and a break timer.

There's not much more to CreaWriter - it's a nice program and if you want to try ways of maximizing your productivity when writing, so give it a go. It saves in .RTF and .TXT, which makes it easy to export your documents, but you'll only be able to access font effects like bold and underline if you donate.

Give CreaWriter a go and see if concentrating on your writing becomes any easier.

CreaWriter supports the following formats

RTF and .TXT




User reviews about CreaWriter

  • by Anonymous

    CreaWriter is awesome! Best word processor ever! It offers absolutely no distractions and it has ...   More

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