EXECryptor for Windows

Protect your software from crackers and and pirates

EXECryptor is one of the strongest and most innovative software security systems available. From program protection and cracking avoidance to preventing reverse engineering, analysis, and modifications, EXECryptor has it all.

It uses new and unique security technology and provides software developers and publishers with an un-presented level of protection to significantly increase their revenues.

Anti-cracking, anti-debugging, and anti-trace

EXECryptor boasts innovative, powerful, anti-cracking, anti-debugging, anti-trace, and anti-reversing software.

It also has new code protection features to stop the latest cracking software and cracker issues.

Highly sensitive code protection

EXECryptor allows developers to specify certain parts of their source code as highly sensitive areas and adds multiple layers of protection to these areas.

In addition developers can then control exactly how obfuscated and morphed the machine code for these areas is, to decide the exact level of protection desired.

Secure creation of custom evaluation and trial versions of your software

EXECryptor allows you to turn your program into trial, demo or evaluation versions easily and securely.

You can set a flexible number of days or runs of your application or limit your software features. With EXECryptor you can easily change or combine these restrictions to meet your needs.

Built-in registration and license management

EXECryptor contains an advanced flexible registration and license management system.

It provides your application with short, strong, serial numbers (12-16 characters). A serial number can be time-limited, can be locked to a Hardware ID, can contain encrypted registration information such as license type, and can allow features and other user defined information.

EXECryptor also supports a black list database of 'stolen' illegal keys.

One-touch trial technology

EXECryptor supplies you with one-touch trial technology that allows you to turn your full-feature application into a 'try-before-you-buy' version in a few moments without changing your program code and even includes serial number registration support.

Compatible with several programming languages

EXECryptor is able to protect software written in Delphi, C++Builder, Microsoft Visual C++, LCC, PellesC, Visual Basic, PowerBASIC, IBASIC, PureBasic.



EXECryptor 2.3.5

User reviews about EXECryptor

  • by Anonymous

    not recommended. After protecting with execryptor, my program started to cause false positives with some antiviruses. Certainly, I am f More

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