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RightToClick is a simple add-on for Firefox that provides a very useful function - it will allow you to highlight, copy, drag & drop and right clicking on sites where JavaScript would otherwise prevent you.

RightToClick installs two icons on your browser - once up in the navigation bar, and another in the status bar. Clicking once on either will enable RightToClick. Once it's enabled, you should be able to right-click, get rid of popup alerts and overcome annoying features that make certain websites a pain in the neck.

RightToClick also has some pretty complicated configuration options. These aren't well explained, but will be surplus to most users' needs anyway. Even so, if you want to get at really deeply restricted website elements, these options are definitely worth a look.

Not many websites use JavaScript to prevent you from performing certain actions, but when they do, it's a problem, not to mention annoying if you have a genuine reason to need the information. RightToClick is an excellent option for overcoming these restrictions - just be aware that the configuration options are pretty difficult for beginners to find their way around.

RightToClick gives you access to many website elements that have been blocked by JavaScript.



RightToClick 2.8.1

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