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SoulseeX Build 2118 1.0b6

Get music via P2P

Three, four years ago Soulseek was THE online network to find and exchange music. Looking for some obscure, independent title, you name it, you'd find it on Soulseek. Now, with the likes of, Deezer or Pandora, there's many more ways to...
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  • by Anonymous

    mac issues. seems that compared to pc users my lists of available downloads is very minimal. perhaps i have some settings wrong?????

  • by Anonymous

    Can't open program..:(. downloaded it, opened it, saw little window with icon and 2 text docs.. clicked on icon to run it. the icon appears lit on my doc, but nothing else happens.. no window, nothing.. help!

  • by Anonymous

    Seems very different from Soul Seek. Is it possible to download full LPs? With Soul Seek it was standard, here all I see are single songs

  • by Anonymous

    Question. How does one delete transfers that are idle or otherwise unnecessary? Otherwise, program does what it's billed to do.

  • by Anonymous

    Download music - how to?. Just downloaded SoulseeX and can search just fine, but I cannot figure out how to download my selection. What am I missing?

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